Emigrate To Australia – Business Investor Visa (188)

australia business investor visas

Australian Business & Investor Visas (188)

Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) (Sub-class188) visa is part of Australian Business innovation and investment program aimed at boosting the business scenario in various parts of the country thereby generating economic benefits for the domestic economy. This visa class is available by invitation only.

The proceedings for this visa are initiated by creating a profile and building a winning case so a state will be prepared to invite you to invest, live and work in their region of Australia.  In these cases, professional assistance is often the difference between a successful application and rejection.

This visa is available under 2 categories:

  • Business Innovation is for the migrants willing to establish and manage their business activities by way of establishing a new concern or investing into an ongoing enterprise.
  • The investor category is meant to facilitate migrants aspiring to put their funds into qualified and specified investment venues in an Australian region and wish to sustain investment after completion of original investment goals.

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You would be able to:

  • Include your family in the visa application
  • Travel in and out of Aussie shores for 5 years
  • File for permanent residence under subsection 888

There are certain necessary prerequisites, which we must fulfil before you will be invited to file for your visa.

  • Create an EOI
  • Secure state sponsorship
  • Build a case to evidence your experience to be defined as satisfying for both the categories
  • In business category, we must demonstrate you have a strong track record duly evidenced
  • In the investor category, we need to evidence your direct involvement in investment management in qualified venues in at least of one of the previous 5 fiscal terms before being invited for filing for your visa.

Qualifying Criteria Includes:

  • Be under 55 years
  • Have a successful business and/or investment track record
  • Able to score a minimum of 65 marks in point-based assessment
  • Have a minimum required personal and business net worth (that can be your and your partner’s)
In the business innovation category, your total financial credentials must include Gross asset value of AUD $800,000, which can be remitted to Australia within 2 years of the granting of your visa.  You must also have registered a turnover of AUD $500,000 in preceding 2 years (of previous 4 fiscal terms) of applying for your visa.
In the investor category, your financial credentials include a gross asset value of AUD $2.5 million. You must also make an investment into qualified investment venue before the granting of visa and able to evidence to your intention of continuing venture in your category after completion of initial goals Moreover, it will be obligatory for you to:
  • Actively participate in venture or investment initiated by you
  • Apply for an extension of visa for 2 years in case your specifications are yet not fulfilled.
  • Update authorities of change in your personal details

Premium Investor Visa:

The Premium investor visa is a separate visa stream under the 188 subclass that focuses on talented entrepreneurs and innovators with a minimum $15 million to invest. These visas allow the holder to secure permanent residency after only 12 months in Australia.

Australia remains one of the most attractive immigration destinations for business people and investors. However, this means Australia can be selective over who they accept each year to join them.  We can assist you to build a winning case and importantly we also work in partnership with many leading investment firms and banks in Australia to ensure you secure impartial advice on the various investment and business opportunities available.  We ensure your investments are compliant with the immigration policy and allow you to be in control of your investments at all times with the assistance of trusted advisors.

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