Choose Australia Top 10

Yes, it true people love the climate and from Melbourne to Brisbane there is climate to suit almost everyone.

2.housing-the size of it

The little-known fact about Australia is that they have the world record for the largest houses on earth per head of population.  You won't find too many studio apartments and pokey gardens.

3.the amount of free space

If just goes on for miles but another interesting point is that the authorities in each state seem desperate to compete with each other on who can provide the most open spaces, parks and beaches.  People love being outdoors.

4. the gas barbecues installed in all the parks

With Global warming and the whole eco thing this may seem a little excessive but sometimes you just have to roll with it, rock up and start cookin' some meat.

5.the cleanliness

Nothing is more impressive than the way everyone keeps everything so clean, even the beaches are combed for rubbish buried in the sand.  It is lovely to know your parks and public spaces are as clean as your home.

6.the diverse section of people

Throughout time Australia has attracted people from Europe, Asia and the Americas making for an amazing mix of people but that said they all seem prouder of making it to Australia than having family connections overseas.  It says a lot about what being Australian means.

7.the ability to not take life too serious

It is hard to take yourself seriously when you are surrounded by folks who just want to laugh out loud and have fun.  Sports on the other hand.  Winning is everything.

8. the most un pc place ever

It is strange to see this in the top 10 as some people like finding a reason to be offended but in Australia, if you can't take a joke or call a spade a spade then it is your problem not theirs and probably best you stay in the UK!

9.the sights

From the outback to the great barrier reef.  There are a few manmade things too but lets face it there is little that will ever compare the majesty of nature and all she has to offer the eye.

10.the jobs

Decent pay, easy to secure a great job and simple rules about employments.  Australia has a real can do attitude to life and with two planks of wood and a nail they set about building a country  They will always find a way to make anything work.  If you want to work Australia will support you every step of the way and rewards effort with opportunities.

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