Emigrate to Western Australia

Emigrate To Western Australia

Western Australia and Perth are breathtaking in both their scale and majesty.  There is nothing dull nor unattractive about this area of Australia.  It is a far distance from other states and cities but that is just how people in Western Australia like it or they would have moved the city closer.

Here we have listed some information about the state, the latest jobs in demand and some great videos about Perth and Western Australia.

Space is never the issue here with some of the largest homes in Australia.  The state was built and continues to grow from its fortunate access to minerals and both mining and drilling are cornerstones of the economy.

About State sponsorship visas

We assist you to apply for a skilled nominated visa as you must be nominated by the Government of Western Australia. To be eligible for a Western Australian nomination we assist you to meet the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) criteria and the Skilled Migration Western Australia criteria for a nomination. As this relies on both federal and state government approval, it is important to ensure the case is presented correctly to meet strict compliance regulations.

Please note that being nominated by Western Australia does not guarantee your visa will be approved by (DIBP) at the federal level.

Once you are nominated, you must:

  • register your arrival with the local government

  • bring sufficient funds (for at least three months) into the State to cover settlement costs;

  • live and work in Western Australia for two years upon arrival: and

  • complete a settlement survey every six months for this two year period.

Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190)

This permanent visa allows you to live and work in all areas of Western Australia.

The DIBP criteria for a subclass 190 visa states that you must score at least 60 on your points test. Nomination from a State or territory gives you five points towards your score which is automatically incorporated into your expression of interest.

For more information on SkillSelect and the Points Test complete our assessment form for our assistance

Skill shortages Reported

During the last period of economic expansion in Western Australia, skill shortages severely impacted on the capacity of the State’s industries to increase production. Key labour market

indicators during this period revealed that the increasingly tight labour market Reported by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia.

Resulting skills shortages were driven by high levels of consumption, business activity, property market and construction activity and international demand for the State’s resource commodities. These trends are expected to re-emerge in the medium term. A major issue during this period was the ‘crowding out’ effect caused by higher paying industries (such as mining and construction) attracting workers from lower paying. industries and resulting in widespread skill and labour shortages.

These lessons from the State’s last expansion period plus the strong employment growth forecast over the next four years emphasises the need for a skilled migration strategy to assist in maximising the availability of skilled labour to the State’s industries.

Regional Population Report:

RegionLand mass (square km)Population*
Perth4 4781 899 753
Gascoyne135 0749 959
Goldfields-Esperance769 70161 333
Great Southern38 91459 935
KImberley419 55839 099
Mid West466 83058 183
Peel5 520128 798
Pilbara505 87067 503
South West23 969174 052
Wheatbelt156 661

74 774

Mining and resources

The Western Australian economy is largely dominated by the mining and resources sector. Western Australia’s land is rich with resources (iron-ore, gold, natural gas and diamonds) that are mined, processed and exported all over the world.


The State produces several products for Australia and the international
export market:

  • wheat, barley and other grains;

  • wool, lamb and beef;

  • seafood (western rock lobsters, prawns, crabs, shark and tuna); and

  • wine.


The manufacturing of mined resources (engineering metals, shipbuilding, petrol and diesel form a large proportion of this industry.
Food manufacturing and processing from the agricultural industry contribute strongly to the economy.

Tourism and education

These industries have grown significantly during the past few years with more international tourists visiting Western Australia and students choosing to study here. Towns with smaller populations have benefited from this increase, as the generated income increases the prosperity of the region.

  A few key WA visas

Western Australia is happy to invite people to emigrate with the correct qualifications, links to the state through family or potential employment.  It is also open for investment and will invite a capped number of people per year to open a business and in other visa classes:

  • Family Sponsorship
  • Business
  • Investor
  • Retirement
  • Skilled Workers

Western Australia Skills In Demand List

Chief executive or managing director
Grain, oilseed or pasture grower
Beef cattle farmer
Dairy cattle farmer
Sheep farmer
Mixed crop and livestock farmer
Human resource manager
Construction project manager
Project builder
Engineering manager
Production manager (manufacturing)
Child care centre manager
Medical administrator
Nursing clinical director
Environmental manager
Cafe or restaurant manager**
Accountant (general)
Financial investment adviser
Financial investment manager
Aeroplane pilot
Flying instructor
Helicopter pilot
Master Fisher
Ship's engineer
Ship's master
Ship's officer
Urban and regional planner
Chemical engineer
Materials engineer
Civil engineer
Geotechnical engineer
Quantity surveyor
Structural engineer
Transport engineer
Electrical engineer
Electronics engineer
Industrial engineer
Mechanical engineer
Production or plant engineer
Mining engineer (excluding petroleum)
Petroleum engineer
Aeronautical engineer
Agricultural engineer
Biomedical engineer
Environmental engineer
Agricultural consultant
Agricultural scientist
Medical laboratory scientist
Early childhood (pre-primary school) teacher
Primary school teacher
Middle school teacher
Secondary school teacher
Special needs teacher
Teacher of the hearing impaired
Teacher of the sight impaired
Medical diagnostic radiographer
Medical radiation therapist
Nuclear medicine technologist
Environmental health officer
Occupational health and safety adviser
Hospital pharmacist
Industrial pharmacist
Orthotist or prosthetist
Dental specialist
Occupational therapist
Speech pathologist
General practitioner
Resident medical officer
Specialist physician (general medicine)
Clinical haematologist
Medical oncologist
Intensive care specialist
Renal medicine specialist
Thoracic medicine specialist
Specialist physicians
Surgeon (general)
Cardiothoracic surgeon
Orthopaedic surgeon
Paediatric surgeon
Plastic and reconstructive surgeon
Vascular surgeon
Emergency medicine specialist
Obstetrician and gynaecologist
Diagnostic and interventional radiologist
Radiation oncologist
Medical practitioners
Nurse educator
Nurse manager
Nurse practitioner
Registered nurse (aged care)
Registered nurse (child and family health)
Registered nurse (community health)
Registered nurse (critical care and emergency)
Registered nurse (development disability)
Registered nurse (disability and rehabilitation)
Registered nurse (medical)
Registered nurse (medical practice)
Registered nurse (mental health)
Registered nurse (perioperative)
Registered nurse (surgical)
Registered nurse (paediatrics)
Registered nurses
ICT security specialist
Computer network and systems engineer
Network administrator
Network analyst
Telecommunications engineer
Telecommunications network engineer
Drug and alcohol counsellor
Rehabilitation counsellor
Clinical psychologist
Social worker
Welfare worker
Technicians and trades workers
Anaesthetic technician
Operating theatre technician
Pharmacy technician
Meat inspector
Building inspector
Construction Estimator
Electrical engineering draftsperson
Electrical engineering technician
Electronic engineering draftsperson
Electronic engineering technician
Mine deputy
Aircraft maintenance engineer (avionics)
Aircraft maintenance engineer (structures)
Fitter (general)
Fibrous plasterer
Solid plasterer
Wall and floor tiler
Electrician (general)
Electrician (special class)
Airconditioning and refrigeration mechanic
Electronic equipment trades worker
Telecommunications cable jointer
Telecommunications line worker
Telecommunications technician
Community and personal service workers 
Ambulance officer
Intensive care ambulance paramedic

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