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At Haskew Law, we appreciate how state sponsorship can assist some of our clients to secure the permanent residency they strive to achieve. That is why we work closely with each state and regional migration centre within each state to ensure our clients are afforded all potential opportunities.

To discover how Haskew Law can assist with your emigration plans, complete our assessment form and one of our senior migration managers will be happy to review your options.

Each Australian State Has Their Own Skilled Immigration Demands

Australia is divided into six states. Every state has its own beauty, economy, government and vision for its future and economic growth targets. Which state you decide to live in may make a difference to the success of your case. Each state is capable of sponsoring a limited number of skilled workers per year within their state even if at a federal level there is no further requirement. State-sponsored visas can help if you have limited experience in your profession or if your skills are only on the short-term skilled occupation list as they will provide additional support to your case.

Additionally, within each state are designated regional areas where a person may be eligible to emigrate with the correct qualifying criteria if they are unable to secure the necessary approval for another visa. These areas do not include the Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, New Castle or Wollongong. That said you do not have to be far outside these centres to be in a regionally designated area.

The benefit of sponsorship

Each state can award a further 5 points to assist our clients to secure the minimum 60 points required to apply for an expression of interest or 10 points where further criteria are met by the applicant.

Securing State Sponsorship

The process begins with a 60-point merits test, which determines basic eligibility. A person's record of prior learning and previous employment is scrutinised, along with age, character and other factors, each of which influences the outcome of the case.

We confirm our client's skills are in demand, as indicated by a list which changes regularly as each state reaches annual quotas for specific skill set.

Only once we have completed a formal skills assessment, are we able to calculate how many points a person would receive under the skilled “General Skilled Migrant Programme” (GSM), under which candidates are scored on a scale.  It is only after final score is determined and skills assessed that anyone can state with confidence a particular candidate's eligibility for selection to emigrate. In getting to grips with this process, it is critical to understand that the GSM program.

You Will Need to Have Your Skills and Qualifications Assessed

This process is often present itself as an objective, standardised system. Yet, in the end, it is run by over 25 separate assessing bodies and federal immigration officials at their discretion and, therefore, subject to all-too-human biases and manipulations.

Successful candidates understand that the Australian application process is complex and having 60 points does not guarantee a visa. On the contrary, well-polished applications are successful, whereas poorly crafted applications may fail for reasons that have little to do with the applicant, and everything to do with the application. Accordingly, candidates must prepare the best possible case to secure the maximum points available: securing the minimum points for eligibility is simply not enough.

It is worth highlighting, demand for these visas is high, and only the most effective cases are selected for visa invitations.  Many cases are won or lost on the basis of how evidence is presented.  That means that two candidates with equal UK qualifications and skills will appear differently to immigration officials depending on the preparation of their case and how relevant items are highlighted or omitted.

Family Connections Can Help

Close family member of a client can sponsor the individual to join them in the state in which they live. This sponsorship can be in lieu of a job offer. The applicant will, however, require skills on the state skilled shortage list and the minimum educational and experience as stipulated by the state.

Those with family in a specific state may be limited in securing sponsorship in another state. This is where a family can hold you back if you require sponsorship from a different state than the one they live in currently.

Each state, as mentioned previously only, has a limited number of place per year and part of the criteria of securing a state sponsored visa is that the applicant agrees to live in the state for a minimum of 2 years after arrival.

The justification in cases where a person is refused due to family connections in another state focuses on the fact that the sponsoring state is not satisfied the individual will eventually settle in their state but instead use their sponsorship to enter Australia and then quickly complete an intra-state migration to be closer to their family.

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Description: Each of the six Australian states have different skills shortages and will therefore sponsor skilled workers to live in their region to meet the local economic demand.

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