Working Holiday Visas For Australia

Australia working holiday visas

Australian Working Holiday Visas

Are you between 18-31 and thinking about starting out on the adventure of a lifetime! We’ve helped many people like you live and work in Australia as only working holidaymakers can:  You will be able to stay for one year,during this time you are able to work,travel around Australia and enjoy everything the Aussie lifestyle has to offer.  You can also leave and re-enter Australia during this year as many times as you like.
Our expertise and experience in securing working Holiday visas mean your case is in safe hands and we aim to secure your visa quickly and hassle-free. You can secure your visa within days using our online form.
A Working holiday visa is not suitable for people who want to emigrate as it is temporary visa with the emphasis on the word "HOLIDAY" therefore if you are looking to emigrate we suggest you look at skilled migrant visas and complete our skills assessment.
Note - You are not eligible for a Working Holidaymakers visa if you have children.

Popular Work Visas Used To Emigrate


Permanent skilled visas

Australia state sponsored visas

Documents you require:

  •    2 x Passport photos – These should be on a plain background of your head and shoulders and your name clearly written in bold on the back of each
  •   Passport with 24 Months minimum validity left as it is a pain renewing a Passport overseas
  •     Evidence of any name changes
  •     Bank Statement showing a minimum of $5,0 AUD available.  You will only need to show this on arrival in Australia - if requested

Note:Do NOT book your flight until your visa has been approved.  There will be NO visa stamped in your passport as Australia use an electronic system.  Processing time is on average 5 days from the date we file your case.  Your 12 months only starts from the date you arrive in Australia which must happen within 3 months of the visa being granted as a general rule of thumb.

The Australian Authorities have the right to ask for further documentation if they have any concerns.  These may include.

  •     Police report for every country you have lived in over the past 10 years   
  •     Medical report from an Australian Immigration Control Approved Doctor
  •     Provide your Biometrics.  This is just an eye scan and fingerprints (no needles or blood!)

Note:These additional documents are not required in every case so please do not apply for them until we request them.

Health Care in Australia

We all need to be covered for our health in case we need a little or a lot of help.  As a UK national you are entitled to FREE medical care under the reciprocal health care agreement with Australia – Peace of mind for you and your family.  For clarities sake,this entitles you to:

  •     Free Treatment as a public in-patient or out-patient in a public hospital
  •     Subsidised medicine under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS)
  •     Medicare benefits for out-of-hospital treatment provided by a doctor

Note:If you require further private medical cover from an Australian medical insurance company we can assist you to secure the best rates for your working holiday,however,it is not usually required as Australian healthcare provided is first class and on par or better than the NHS.  You may want travel insurance cover if you are planning to stopover on the route.

Accommodation upon arrival: 

Relax in the peace of mind you shall have a safe place to sleep after your long flight. We provide an additional service for our clients to arrange an airport pickup,safe and secure accommodation with other Working Holiday Makers in a private or shared accommodation with free wi-fi.  This is the best way to get all the latest gossip,local advice,along with making new friends who will become a small or large part of your Australian adventure!

Note: If you would like to travel in more style and avoid other WHM or travellers we can advise on hotels and how to rent a unit (apartment) in Australia ready for your arrival.  However,in our experience,this would mean you are missing out on one this opportunities and spending more money for very little gain.  After a few days in Australia,you will be falling over accommodation options and securing better rates than you will find online.


You can usually work for up to six months with the same employer on a WHM Visa.  The minimum Australian wage is currently $17.29 or $656.90 for a 38 hour week.  As a casual employee,you are expected to receive a 25% loading or increase on this basic.  You can,of course,earn more in most jobs but never expect to work for less.  You have all the employment rights of an Australian Citizen.    At the end of your time in Australia,you are entitled to apply for a tax rebate,which may help with future plans which we can advise on at that time,which can organise for you. We offer an additional service to provide guidance on how to source employment in Australia prior to departure. 

Note:Australian employers are conservative in their recruitment policies they will not usually provide a formal offer of employment until they can see you have arrived in the country and available to work.

Travel Insurance

We can organise the best possible travel insurance to cover you for the entire time you are overseas. It will meet all your needs to secure your visa and also protect you wherever you may decide to go on your world travels.

Currency Exchange

We can organise your Currency exchange to ensure you secure the best possible rates to allow you to send funds quickly back home or have funds deposited into your Australian Bank Account we will set up for you before you travel.

Mail Holding Service

Our secure mail holding service allows you the peace of mind that your mail is safe and if anything important arrives you can arrange to have it forward to you anywhere in the world.

No visa,No fee

Rely on our experience to take the hassle out of obtaining your visa. We provide great value,and a “no visa,no fee” guarantee:  we’ll fully refund our fees if your application is rejected. Simple as that.

Partners With The Foreign And Commonwealth Office

We are partners with the UK FCO to protect UK Citizens overseas. We ensure you are kept up to date throughout your travels with relevant information. If the unexpected is likely to happen we shall let you know to keep you one step ahead of the situation. We are here with the FCO to help you day or night and know exactly who to contact quickly,to ensure support reaches you on the ground fast when you need it most.

Fees Payable.

Our Fees to Secure your visa:£350 + VAT

Government Fees:$440 + $80

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Australian Bank Account

Open your Australian bank account with one of Australia’s largest banks before you leave home. Be reassured knowing that you can transfer funds securely to your Oz account and we can provide a statement of funds as evidence when going through immigration.

Job Pack

Haskew Law has partnered with the leading Job Search specialist in Australia who have hundreds of new backpacker and longer term vacancies weekly. You also get ongoing personal support with your job hunt and tools to build your Australian CV. Our Job Service Pack makes it easy for you to secure work quickly. Our Job Service Pack makes it easy for you to secure work quickly.

Australian Bank Account

Haskew Law organises money transfers to and from Australian bank accounts opened with us at the lowest rates for international fund transfers. You will be able to send or receive money from Australia to Ireland,UK,Canada,France,Italy,Germany,etc.

Construction Training Course

You will not be allowed work on site without this. The Construction Introduction Training Course,also known as the White Card course,is a 1 day course that must be completed in order to work at constructions sites in Australia. This course is mandatory for everyone who will carry out construction work,including construction site management and supervision,as well as anyone who would access operational construction zones. Our White Card courses can be conveniently completed online and are nationally recognised.

Meet - Greet - Sleep

Worried about where you will stay when you arrive - how you will find your accommodation,make your way around? Don’t be. Our M-G-S packs give you peace of mind knowing that you are not alone once you arrive. we arrange your airport collection,hostel accommodation (dorm or private),continental breakfast,free wifi,and an orientation to help you get your bearings for when you arrive.

Mail Holding Service

With our Mail Holding service,you can travel freely around Australia and make sure you receive all your mail. You can get all your correspondence delivered to us! We will keep it for you for up to 12 months. You may come and collect it whenever you wish. Or you can request your mail to be delivered to any address you provide either in Australia or abroad (postal fees would apply).

RSA Bartender Course

You cannot work in a Bar in without the RSA course,also known as the “Responsible Service of Alcohol” course. It is a 1-day course that must be completed in order to work in any position that involves the sale or serving of alcohol. Over 70% of working holidaymakers will spend part of their year working in an environment serving alcohol (whether as a waiter or a barman).

Tax File Number

If you are planning to work in Australia,you will need a Tax File Number - otherwise,you will pay 48% of your income on emergency tax. It's convenient and will save you time to have your tax file number set up before you arrive in Australia. We also arrange your tax reclaim when you leave Australia at a discounted rate.

Health Insurance

You must have travel insurance for your year in Australia. Visa First provide the cheapest 12-month travel insurance that not only covers you,but also your belongings. We offer the best custom travel medical insurance plan to our customers.

Working Holidays
Australian working holiday

Name:!8-31 Working Holiday for a Year

Description:Cheap,fast and a great way to get to see Australia for a year. Not a great visa for anyone who wants to emigrate as it has some serious limitations in the longer term. Employments is also restricted to low paid,low skilled roles for up to 6 months only. You are also not able to go with children.

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