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We provide expert advice on Family-Based Immigration To Australia and have assisted thousands of people just like you.   There are plenty of opportunities to join loved ones in Australia. From Souse and partner visas to Parent visas and family sponsored visas. We can help you find the right one for you and your family.

On the downside, in recent years Australia has abolished several family-related visa classes including the popular last remaining relative visa to many peoples disappointment. These changes aside, there are still several family-based visa classes available including partner visas and parent visas. However, the trend is towards providing additional points or support at the state level for people with family living in the state who already hold residency or citizenship.

The reason why Australia provided family-based visas is purely due to historical links with the UK. Australians with UK ancestry now make up over 10% of the Australian population. At the end of the second world war, Australia developed an immigration policy to attract UK nationals to increase their working population and to help build strong ties with the UK. As part of this programme, Australia needed to develop a number of visa classes to assist family members left in the UK to join their loved ones in Australia. Even though many of these visa classes have now been abolished under the recent hardening of the Australian borders there are still some family-related visas that are available today.

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Popular Family Based Visas

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