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L-1 Inter-Company Transfer visas

Obviously,these won’t work for just anyone,but they are an inexpensive and relatively quick ticket to the US for those who do.

If you have worked for a company with a US affiliate for at least one year in the previous three – and could perform a similar role in the US as you do at home -- an inter-company transfer could be an option for you.

The role also needs to be sufficiently specialised.  So for example,you would need to bring specialised knowledge,and likely work at the level of manager or higher.

That could be as simple as experience with a particular company’s manufacturing procedures,or the fact you were able to squeeze better results from a similar project unit as compared with your US compatriots.

If you can tick these boxes,and have a US employer willing to provide you the necessary visa support as your petitioning company,this could be your best bet for obtaining a green card. 

But consider those criteria the necessary ingredients to get started.  To put them together successfully,give us a call,or complete our free online assessment as a quick way to get started.

US L-1 Inter-Corporate Transferee
Haskew Law assists with US L1 Inter company transfer

Name:US L-1 Inter-company transfer

Description:Chances are,if you could be eligible for this visa,you already know or suspect you might be. That doesn't mean, however, that letting the HR department know you'd like to go to the States is necessarily easy or risk-free. But for those who,say,run their own companies,this could be worth another look as a quick way to end-run some of the other more cumbersome options.

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