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USA EB5 visas

Guaranteed Residency-by-Investment

Secure your EB 5 Visa with confidence

The USA EB-5 visa for investors is the ideal way to secure residency in the USA when other visas are inadequate to deliver permanent residency on arrival.

Hundreds of British people have already used our services to secure their residency-by-investment in the USA for one important reason. Unlike other US firms, our team specialise in providing US legal advice with a UK perspective, to ensure complete protection and a smooth transition from the UK to the USA.

Our combination of skills & expertise enables us to provide fast, secure investment opportunities to guarantee your permanent residency in the USA on arrival.

Our clients can relax in the knowledge we take care of everything to ensure a winning case via a safe investment.

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Your EB 5 Visa Investment Options In Brief

We have US immigration compliant investment options, allowing our clients to secure investment approval in as little as six weeks, and a Green Card upon final approval and arrival in the US.

Secure EB 5 Visa Investments

Haskew Law has secured exclusive access to several of the securest investment opportunities available in the USA today.

We are proud of our 100% success rate.

We arrange a return of your investments after the required investment period.

Qualifying EB 5 Visa Investments

A compliant investment of USD $500,000 is required for a minimum qualifying period.

We have access to qualifying investments across the USA and find the best options to meet our client's needs.

The Benefits Of An EB 5 Visa Investor Visa

  • A low-tax environment with multiple tax reclaim programmes
  • The world's largest Economy and free market
  • Business-friendly environment
  • Permanent residency Green Cards for the whole family, and a direct route to citizenship and passports upon meeting the residency requirement
  • No restriction on the purchasing of a property
  • World leading regulatory and judicial systems
  • Tax effective Investment Laws
  • Dual Citizenship permitted
  • No minimum or maximum age limit
  • Access to free education
  • Access to unparalleled health care
  • Fast, easy process to secure your permanent residency

EB 5 Visas Eligibility Criteria

  • USD $500,000 investment in a regulated fund for only four years
  • Approved support from an accredited programme

Our services include securing the mandatory backing of an accredited investment opportunity along with providing access to the required investment opportunity to make residency-by-investment possible.

We offer our clients with exclusive access to investment opportunities that are both secure and immigration compliant.

All our services are tailored to meet our clients' needs while protecting their best interests and investment throughout the process of emigrating as an Investor to the USA. Contact us today via our free assessment form above to discover more.

United States of America EB 5 Investment Visas
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Name: EB 5 US Investor Visa

Description: Secure your Green Card and permanent Residency in the USA with a minimum investment of USD $500,000.

The EB-5 Visa has become the most popular route for investors to secure residency in the USA.

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