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Emigrate To Australia As A Nurse

We secure visas for nurses to emigrate to Australia. View our guide to the Australian skills criteria.  To qualify for a skilled visa to Australia you will need to evidence you are capable of doing the job.  You can relax as we shall build your winning case.  Once we have secured your visa we can introduce you to our network of recruiters across Australia.

Nurses are in high demand currently across Australia.


We always aim to secure a permanent residency visa for Australia as our first choice for our clients.  This removes any risks associated with attaching a visa to a specific employer.  Our approach is designed to provide you as our client with long-term security in Australia.

Complete our Free assessment and our experts will let you know if you are eligible to emigrate.

Government Report On Job Prospects

Government data on Job Outlook are updated on a yearly basis and are compiled from national statistics which may not reflect either regional variations or more recent changes in employment conditions.  Recent reports show strong growth in this profession along with high average salaries.   It is important to note the average salaries could be easily doubled for people with three or more years experience and qualified with a positive skills assessment.

  • Over the five years to November 2019, the number of job openings for Registered Nurses is expected to be high (greater than 50,000). Job openings count both employment growth and turnover (defined as workers leaving their occupation for other employment or leaving the workforce).
  • Employment for this occupation rose very strongly (in percentage terms) in the past five years and rose strongly in the long-term (ten years). Looking forward, employment for Registered Nurses to November 2020 is expected to grow very strongly.
  • This is a very large occupation (257,400 in November 2015) suggesting that opportunities should be available in most regions.
  • Registered Nurses have a relatively low proportion of full-time jobs (53.8 percent). For Registered Nurses working full-time, average weekly hours are 34.6 (compared to 40.2 for all occupations) and earnings are above average - in the seventh decile. Unemployment for Registered Nurses is below average.
  • The most common level of educational attainment for Registered Nurses is Bachelor degree (53.4 percent).
  • Registered Nurses are mainly employed in: Health Care and Social Assistance; Public Administration and Safety; and Administrative and Support Services.

Key Indicators

This table shows how this occupation compares with other occupations on 9 key measures: employment size; full-time share of employment; earnings; unemployment; employment growth over the past 2, 5 and 10 years; future growth (projected growth rate over 5 years); and future job openings (estimated number of vacancies due to employment growth and turnover). The Future Growth indicator is based on growth in percentage terms, while the Future Job Openings indicator is based on an estimated number of vacancies.

A small occupation with a strong Future Growth score may have a weak Job Openings score, while a large occupation with a weak Future Growth score may have a strong Job Openings score, as even a small percentage change can result in a relatively large number of new jobs.

How many workers are employed in this occupation?257,40010
How many work full-time (% share)?53.82
What are the weekly earnings for full-time workers ($ before tax)?13447
How does unemployment compare with other occupations?below average2
What has been the long-term employment growth - 10 years (%)?48.68
What has been the medium-term employment growth - 5 years (%)?23.19
What has been the short-term employment growth - 2 years (%)?8.97
What will be the likely future employment growth for the next five years?very strong growth9
What will be the level of future job openings?high10

ACMAC Regulating Nurses Emigrating To Australia

The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council retain strict policies on selection of nurses from across the globe.  There methods can seem oblique or confusing as the demand for nurses is being met by a high level of interest they look to select the best candidates to provide accreditation.  This often comes down to how a case is presented as opposed to the skills and expertise a person my have demonstrated in previous roles.  Once accepted by the "ANMAC" a person must then secure the approval and invitation to emigrate from the immigration department.


provide nursing care to patients in hospitals, aged care and other health care facilities, and in the community.  ALL Nurses are required to be registered to perform as a Nurse.

Registration is required and these task evidenced in your experience.

  •     assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating nursing care for patients according to accepted nursing practice and standards
  •     working in consultation with other Health Professionals and members of health teams, and coordinating the care of patients
  •     providing interventions, treatments and therapies such as medications, and monitoring responses to treatment and care plan
  •     promoting health and assisting in preventing ill health by participating in health education and other health promotion activities
  •     answering questions and providing information to patients and families about treatment and care
  •     supervising and coordinating the work of Enrolled Nurses and other health care workers

Various Nurse Occupations:

Nurse Practitioner

Provides advanced and extended nursing care to patients, such as ordering diagnostic tests, undertaking diagnosis and health assessments, prescribing patient care management, medicines and therapies, as authorised in relevant nursing legislation, and referring to specialist Medical Practitioners and other Health Professionals in a range of health, welfare and community settings. Registration or licensing is required.

Nurse - Aged Care

Provides nursing care to the elderly in community settings, residential aged care facilities, retirement villages and health care facilities.


  • Nurse (Gerontology)
  • Nurse - Child And Family Health
Provides nursing care to children from birth to school age and their families with an emphasis on the prevention, early detection of, and early intervention in, physical, emotional and social problems affecting children and their families such as assistance with parent craft, immunisation and developmental milestones.


  • Plunket Nurse
  • Nurse - Community Health
Provides nursing care, health counselling, screening and education to individuals, families and groups in the wider community with a focus on patient independence and health promotion. Registration or licensing is required.


  • Nurse (Health Education and Promotion)
  • Nurse (Public Health)
  • Nurse (School Nurse)
  • Nurse - Critical Care And Emergency
Provides nursing care to critically ill patients and patients with unstable health following injury, surgery or during the acute phase of diseases, integrating new technological equipment into care in settings such as high dependency units, intensive care units, emergency departments or retrieval services.


  • Nurse (Acute Care)
  • Nurse (Emergency/Trauma)
  • Nurse (High Dependency)
  • Nurse (Neonatal Intensive Care)
  • Nurse (Paediatric Intensive Care)
  • Nurse - Developmental Disability

Alternative Title:

  • Mental Retardation Nurse -Provides nursing care to people with intellectual and development disabilities in a range of health, welfare and community settings.
  • Nurse - Disability And Rehabilitation - Provides nursing care to patients recovering from injury and illness, and assists and facilitates patients with disabilities to live more independently.


  • Nurse (Rehabilitation)
  • Nurse - Medical
Provides nursing care to patients with conditions, such as infections, metabolic disorders and degenerative conditions, which require medical intervention in a range of health, aged care and community settings.

Nurse - Medical Practice

Alternative Titles:

  • Practice Nurse Primary Health Care Nurse
Provides clinical care to patients, undertakes clinical organisation and practice administration, and facilitates communication within a general practice environment and between the practice and outside organisations and individuals.

Nurse - Mental Health

  • Psychiatric Nurse
Provides nursing care to patients with mental health illness, disorder and dysfunction, and those experiencing emotional difficulties, distress and crisis in health, welfare and aged care facilities, correctional services and the community.


  • Psychopaedic Nurse
  • Nurse (Child and Adolescence Mental Health)
  • Nurse (Drug and Alcohol)
  • Nurse (Psychiatric Rehabilitation)
  • Nurse (Psychogeriatric Care)

Nurse - Perioperative

  • Operating Room Nurse
Provides nursing care to patients before, during and immediately after surgery, assesses patients' condition, plans nursing care for surgical intervention, maintains a safe and comfortable environment, assists Surgeons and Anaesthetists during surgery, and monitors patients' recovery from anaesthetic, prior to return to, or discharge from, ward.


  • Nurse (Anaesthetic)
  • Nurse (Operating Room)
  • Nurse (Recovery)

Nurse - Surgical

Provides nursing care to patients with injuries and illness that require surgical intervention.

Nurse - Paediatrics

Provides nursing care to children of all ages, including neonates, across a range of health and community settings with an emphasis on assessing children’s acute and ongoing needs while taking into account physical, social, cultural and family circumstances. Registration or licensing is required.

Registered Nurses Not Shown Elsewhere

This occupation group covers Registered Nurses not elsewhere classified. Registration or licensing is required.


  • Flight Nurse
  • Nursing Officer (Defence Forces)
  • Nurse (Infection Control)
  • Nurse (Remote or Rural Area)

Australian Visas Available:

The most popular visas are the (189) and (190) which allows you to live and work in Australia.
Australia remains one of the most attractive immigration destinations for skilled workers and families around the world. However, this means Australia can be selective over who they accept each year to join them.

What are the Skilled Worker Visa basic requirements?

For both the Independent Skilled Worker Visa (189) and the State Sponsored Skilled Worker Visa (190) potential applicants must meet the following basic criteria:
  • Be under 50 years of age
  • Demonstrate competence in the English language
  • Possess skills and qualifications that address the needs of the Australian labour market
  • Meet the skills assessment test

What is the difference between the two Skilled Worker Visas?

Independent Skilled Worker Visas (189) provide permanent residency on arrival and you are free to live and work anywhere in Australia.
State Sponsored Skilled Worker Visas (190) requires one of the following:
A nomination from a State or Territory government agency.  You will be expected to live in that state for two years after arrival and then secure your permanent residency visa.

What do Skilled Work Visas allow me to do?

 Successful applicants for an Australian work visa are entitled to:
  • Reside permanently in Australia and engage work opportunities
  •  Receive healthcare
  •  Study at a school, vocational education programs, or university
  •  Become eligible for Australian Citizenship in time
We provide assistance building winning cases.  Apply for your free assessment today

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