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As part of our commitment to changing the way people emigrate we provide a range of services to meet everybody's needs. From our free assessment service and guides to a complete project managed emigration solution. We are committed to supporting everyone in securing the best possible opportunities to emigrate at the most affordable rates. Using our services means there is no longer a requirement to waste time attending seminars. We provide all the expertise you will need, from free straightforward assessments and guides to a 100% project managed solution.

Assessment & Guides For those who want to know more
FREE Changing the way people emigrate
No boring seminars required
Assessment of outline details
Comprehensive guides
Discuss general options with expert
Detailed Case Review For those who would like a detailed review
£48 For a limited time only
No boring seminars required
Expert case review
Review of documents
Expert consultation
Fixed fee guaranteed
Report on immigration options
Complete Migration Solution For those ready to emigrate with confidence
From £1,875 + VAT 4 monthly installments of £562.50
No boring seminars required
Expert assigned to your case
Review of documents
Ongoing access to expert advice
Fixed fee guaranteed
Strategic guidance to build a winning case
100% project management
Prepare case for submission
Represent case to authorities
Assistance securing employment
Relocation advice

What makes us special

Our story started with a passion for immigration law, as we believe if done correctly emigration offers the biggest single improvements to a persons life and that of their children. Through our understanding of immigration law, we built powerful project management tools, which were developed in partnership with our clients to create an easy, fast solution to managing the entire emigration process. Watch our video to discover more...

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Australian Partner Visas

Australian Partner Visas

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Australian Immigration Fees and Services
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Description:It is going to benefit your case to have an immigration expert support you. There is no doubt about it and the only benefit of doing a case on your own is to save a little money. emigrating may be the most important thing you ever do. The results we deliver will still be enjoyed long,long after our fees had be forgotten.

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Changing The Way People Emigrate

Powerful project management solution

Legal expertise

Maximising opportunities

Stay in control of your case

On the move & on your desktop

Fully supported by immigration lawyers and migration experts 24/7

Secure your visa in a timeframe that suits you

Our Vision: To be the best global boutique immigration specialist firm delivering exceptional value and trusted world-class service.