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Changes to Australian immigration?

Australia wakes up to their new Prime Minister today Scott Morrison, known a conservative right-wing politician with a tough stance on immigration. We look at what this may mean for Australian immigration policies and the direction he and Peter Dutton the Immigration Minister hope to take things.

Australia has long considered itself a successful multicultural, immigrant nation, with almost one in four of the country's population in 2017 originally born overseas.

But as the country's immigration minister since 2014, Dutton has been a longtime advocate for lower immigration and harsher tests on potential migrants to Australia.

Speaking to Sky News he took the opportunity to underline his immigration objectives when he becomes the Australian Prime Minister, Dutton reiterated his previous statements that immigration numbers needed to be cut.

"It's clear the Australian public particularly in capital cities ... have a view that the migration number is too high, people sitting in congested traffic each day when they go to work or go and pick the kids up,"

Immigration under a Dutton government

Tony Abbott appointed Dutton as immigration minister in 2014 and he has become well-known for his hardline position on immigration and refugees.

In February Dutton said the Coalition had reduced the number of people settling in Australia by 100,000 compared to the levels when Labor was last in government, and he hoped to reduce this further.

In June he insisted Australia would not sign a United Nations migration agreement as Australia had an issue with the agreement’s final draft, which said “migration detention” should only be used as a last resort.

Dutton did, however, raise a few eyebrows when he advocated for “special treatment” of white South African farmers earlier this year, claiming they were being “persecuted” and faced “horrific circumstances”. This, uh, did not go down well in South Africa – its government demanded Dutton retract his comments.

Scott Morisson as PM, the permanent immigration intake would be cut by an unspecified amount and migrants pushed toward settling in Western Australia, South Australia and regional areas. Australia’s immigration intake was down 10% in the last year to 162,417, its lowest level in a decade.

“I think we do have to cut the numbers back,” Dutton stated “At the moment we’ve got huge congestion in capital cities ... we need to allow our infrastructure to catch up. We (also) need to rebuild many of our rural towns who are suffering.”

Who is Peter Dutton

Peter Dutton has served in several ministerial roles including the Minister for immigration. Throughout his political career, he has been noted to be tough talker with a populist, right-wing approach to immigration and is a firm believer that immigration must be cut for Austalia to flourish.

Until now his ambitions have been regulated and restricted in the main, now Scott Morrison is the new PM his vision of tighter controls are now more likely. Now he is free to develop his ideal of lower, much lower immigration numbers based on Morrison's manifesto which has seen him now secure the top job in Australian politics.

Born Peter Craig Dutton (18 November 1970) he has been a Liberal member of the Australian House of Representatives representing the Division of Dickson, Queensland since the November 2001 federal election when he defeated high-profile sitting Labor member Cheryl Kernot. Dutton was the Minister for Health and the Minister for Sport from 18 September 2013 and Minister for Immigration and Border Protection from 21 December 2014 in the Abbott Government. Dutton retained his portfolio in the Turnbull Government.

On 18 July 2017, he was named Minister for Home Affairs and officially appointed by the Governor-General on 20 December 2017 to lead the Department of Home Affairs, a newly created portfolio giving him oversight of ASIO, the AFP and Border Force. He previously served as the Minister for Workforce Participation and Minister for Revenue and Assistant Treasurer in the Howard Government. Dutton is now set to drive down immigration numbers further under the new Australian Prime Minister.

We recommend if a person wants to emigrate to Australia and are eligible they apply now to avoid future disappointment. It certainly won't take Dutton long to begin implementing the immigration reforms he sees as vital to securing Australia's future, in effect closing the doors to thousands of potential migrants.

Dutton's Australian Immigration stance
Dutton Australian Immigration Policy

Name: Immigration reforms likely

Description: Peter Dutton is a hard-liner who is determined to reduce Australian immigration number. In recent years he has been vocal on the damage he believes immigration is causing to Australian society. Peter Dutton is another example of a right wing populist politician of the extreme variety.

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