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Canadian Investor Visas

Canadian Permanent Residency for as little as £200k!

Canadian Investor Visas are the ideal solution to secure permanent residency when other visas classes are unsuitable to meet your needs. As Specialists in Canadian investor visas, our client can relax knowing we will take of everything.

By providing a comprehensive, bespoke emigration, investment and relocation solutions for our clients. Our solutions provide Permanent Residency immediately on arrival for your entire family. 

Among the World's Most Popular Investment Visas

For a one-time payment of about £200k, this visa could be your best option to secure permanent residency. You'll have a net worth (assets less liabilities) in excess of CAD $2 million (about GBP £1 million), and expect a timeline of about 24 months.

These are extremely popular visas: demand remains high, and limited places are available. Get started today, to secure your place.

The Benefits Of An Investor Visa

  • No Death or Inheritance Taxes, 
  • No Taxation on World Wide Income
  • AAA Rated Economy
  • Business-friendly environment
  • Permanent Residency granted - On arrival
  • No restriction on the purchasing of a property
  • Almost exact legal, accounting and political system as the UK
  • Tax effective Investment Laws
  • Dual Citizenship permitted
  • No maximum age limit
  • Access to free education
  • Access to Medicare
  • Fast, easy process to secure your permanent residence

All our services are tailored to meet our clients' needs while protecting their best interests throughout the process of emigrating as an Investor.

Investment Brings Opportunities

  • Investment without risk: The investment of CAD $1,200,000 is guaranteed by the Quebec government and returned in full after five years.

  • Financing option: Or, pay a one-time fixed-fee to finance the investment. You get the visa, without waiting for return of  your funds. Estimated cost to you: GBP £200k.
  • Entire family included in your application: All immediate members of the candidate's family (spouse and dependent children) are included in the application.

  • Benefits of permanent resident status: Enjoy all the benefits provided to Canadians: universal health care, free public education, access to world-class universities, and more.

Increasing Popularity of Residency by Investment

Applicants for the investment visa increased by 74.4% in the past year alone.

Canadian Investor visas are no longer the preserve of the few.

The Canadian Migration Investment programmes are now the fastest growing area of Canadian immigration law as people come to realise residency-by-investment is not just desirable, but can also play a part of many effective personal and financial plans.

Bespoke Relocation Services

Our client benefit from exceptional relocation support. From helping finding their perfect home to enrolling their children in the very best schools.

We have relocation experts in every major state and city on hand to meet our clients on arrival.

Our aim is to arrange everything our clients may require to relocate and settle into their perfect new home quickly.

Complete our assessment form to receive our relocation guide today.

Invest in Canada
Permanent Residency by Investment in Canada

Name: Investor Visas for Canada

Description: While the federal Government closed the investment route into Canada in 2014 Quebec still offers a limited opportunity each year. They offer permanent residency in Canada in return for a small investment. There are limited places and a high demand for these visas and each year the quota is met rather too quickly.

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