Top 5 US Investment Visas

Best options for Your Future in America

Top 5 US Investor Visas

Here's a quick run-down of the visas you should be looking at if you are an investor or entrepreneur, and you want some reliable options to emigrate to the United States. 

EB-5 Investment Visas

The US pioneered investor visas with the EB-5, which was among the first and remains among the most prominent and sought-after visas available anywhere. A $900,000 investment puts you and your family on the road to a Green Card and US citizenship.

The program allows you and your immediate family to live, work and study anywhere in the US, with no further requirements regarding age, education, or English language, providing peach fo

Your SEC regulated investment is used by a USCIS approved regional centre to employ at least 10 US workers for a period of at least two years.  Once that goal is achieved, you can apply for permanent residency “green cards”.  And at the end of the investment period, your funds are returned to you.

We currently have access to exclusive investment opportunities within our priority EB-5 Visa programme that can get our clients in the pool for a Green Card in as little as six weeks.

Secure Your Residency-by-Investment

The Four Seasons hotel is an instantly recognisable brand owned jointly by Bill Gates and Prince Waleed of Saudi Arabia. They currently have ambitious development plans for New Orleans making this an incredibly attractive investment opportunity, just one of many for you to consider on the route to securing residency-by-investment in the USA.  An investment of USD 900k is required for four years. Watch our video to discover more.

L-1 Intracompany transfer visa

If you have worked for (or own) a company with a US affiliate for at least one year in the previous three – and could perform a similar role in the US as you do at home -- an inter-company transfer could be an option for you.

You will be part of the senior management team, or hold a role that is sufficiently specialised to qualify. 

If you can tick these boxes, and have a US employer willing to provide you with the necessary visa support as your petitioning company, this could be your best bet for obtaining a temporary residency.  

E-2 Treaty Investor

The E-2 is unequivocally the fastest way to get to work legally in the US, and all done on the basis of a US company that you either own already or establish.  

You might start with an investment of as little as USD $75,000, making it one of the most affordable of the investment visas available.

Bear in mind, E-2 visas are temporary, typically issued for between two and five years. However, there is no limit to the number of times they can be renewed, so for many these have served as 'permanent residency' in all but name.

It also means that because E-2 holders never receive a 'Green Card', holders are not subject to US tax on any income outside of the US.  This is a key feature for many investors.

E-1 Treaty Trader visa

The E-1 is in less demand, as the bar to clearance is higher, but if you run the right sort of international trade business, and this could be the one for you. 

Typically E-1 visas are awarded to companies that have a strong US and international presence, and are already doing trade in substantial volume between the US and approved third-countries (of which the UK unsurprisingly one). 

We can advise if this visa is right for you but will start with quicker or easier routes first. 

EB-1 Extraordinary Achievers

Okay, we admit, the EB-1 isn't so much an investment visa, as it is a return on your career investment.

Few will be eligible for this visa, but that won’t matter at all if you are among those few.

The quick eligibility test is whether you’re famous: think JK Rowling, Andy Murray, Emma Watson,  Gordon Ramsay, etc., you get the picture.

That said, you do not necessarily need to be a household name, if you can meet the US government’s criteria for extraordinary achievement, whether in arts, sciences, business, education or athletics.

If you can meet the standard, you don’t need an employer’s backing: you can apply without a sponsor. 

US Investor Visas explored
Best options for Your Future in America

Name: EB-5, E2 and leading US Investor Visas

Description: The US is open for business and offers investors some excellent opportunities to make America their new home.

From opening a new business to passive investment schemes. There is an investor visa to suite your specific needs.

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