How to Emigrate to the USA for Retirement

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We help private clients find US retirement options that fit their lifestyles...and exceed their expectations. 

Investment criteria to retire in the USA

Since the USA does not have a formal retirement visa, Haskew Law tailors their services to secure the most appropriate visa class that will provide our clients a Green Card and Permanent residency in the USA as quickly and efficiently as possible. Today, the most popular option available for permanent residency requires an investment for 4-years in the USA:

The Most Popular USA Retirement Visa

The investor Visas by our clients who wish to retire to the US and is now one of the most popular investment visas available today, due to the stability and regulatory controls the USA affords their investors and the low cost of investment.

Your Investment For Retirement Options In Brief

We have developed effective US immigration compliant options for Retirees. Allowing our clients to secure permanent residency in the USA to enjoy their retirement in the state of their choosing.

1. Guaranteed Investments For Retirement

Haskew Law has exclusive access to several of the securest investment opportunities available in the USA today. 

2. Investments In Qualifying Targeted Employment Areas (TEA)

A 500,000 USD is the minimum investment requirement in a compliant project.

The Benefits Of Our Retirement Visa Solutions

  • Low tax environment with multiple tax reclaim programmes
  • The world's largest Economy and free market
  • Business-friendly environment
  • Permanent Residency - Green Card for the whole family
  • No restriction on the purchasing of property
  • World leading regulatory and judicial systems
  • Tax effective Investment Laws
  • Dual Citizenship permitted
  • No minimum or maximum age limit
  • Access to free education
  • Access to unparalleled health care
  • Fast, easy process to secure your permanent residency

Eligibility Criteria

  • 500,000 USD Investment in a regulated fund for only four years
  • Approved support from an accredited programme within an approved TEA

Our services include securing the necessary backing of an accredited TEA and investment fund along with providing access to the required investment opportunity to make this your us retirement possible. We offer our clients with exclusive access to investment opportunities that are both secure and immigration compliant.

All our retirement services are tailored to meet our clients' needs while protecting their best interests and investment throughout the process of emigrating as an Investor to the USA.

Retire to the USA!
Find the Best Visa to Retire to America

Name: US Retirement Visasa

Description: California, Florida, New York and anywhere in between: you've earned it, take a bow, and retire to a destination most can only dream about calling home. The US remains the top aspirational destination worldwide, and as a place to retire one can only boggle at the options. Seize the moment, and write your ticket to a truly golden retirement in the United States!

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