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US Spouse & Civil Partner Sponsorship

Its true: gettin' hitched is a classic strategy for securing residency in the United States.
But what is not immediately obvious is how complicated the application process is, how carefully these applications are scrutinised -- and how many applications are rejected.
We provide the professional support necessary to succeed with your visa application the first time: without the confusion, delays, interrogations (and even travels bans!) that may await the unwary.

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Cupid need not apply. 

The first mistake is to assume that US Immigration officers have any interest in resolving your international romantic entanglements. It's just not their job.
By contrast, the job they do take very seriously indeed is keeping undesirables and ne'er-do-wells out of America. 

Fraud is Your Problem

For many, creating a fictional partnership is not just an easy way to obtain a visa, it is a temptingly well-paid trade involving willing marks, highly motivated (and often well-funded) punters, and no apparent victim except the state.
As a result, these visas are hemmed-in by regulations and monitored more carefully than perhaps any other. That means that even for legitimate couples, it's not just about falling in love, filing the application, and buying your airline ticket. 

Remember: Partnership visas are issued STRICTLY at the discretion of the immigration officer.

Those officers use various systems to signal which applicants they should investigate more carefully, and trap fraudulent applicants.
Those same traps are often inadvertently sprung on legitimate but unwary applicants who fail to realise how suspicion can be raised by truthful, but careless or poorly thought-out visa applications.

Do it right the first time.

Bad decisions can sometimes be appealed, reviewed, and occasionally -- but very rarely -- they are overturned. But far better to get it done right the first time.
The key to partner visas is that it is a process of proving the legitimacy of your relationship, which means it is driven by the facts and the evidence you can produce to support those facts.
And, just like any legal process, knowing how to make that case convincingly and effectively involves a great deal more than merely form submission, and it's certainly about more than producing a carrier bag full of old boarding passes.
What you need, in sum, is both answers to questions about what needs to be done, along with an experienced, professional advocate to make your case.
Let us put our long experience and professional advocates to work for you. Have a look at our assessment tool, choose "Spouse and Partner" and we'll provide a quick assessment and a free review by one of our expert advisors. 
US Spouse & Partnership Visas
Join Your Loved One in America US Spouse and Partnership Visas

Name: Post-ceremony tips for a visa to the States

Description: Finding the perfect partner may prove to be the easy bit, compared to dragging them back home to the States under the oppressive eye of US Immigration officers! This is not a process to be underestimated, and getting the right assistance can make the difference between an easy trip and a nightmare legal journey!

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