Emigrate To The USA On A Work Visa

The USA remains one of the top destinations for immigrants and tourists alike which, as the world's largest economy, is perhaps not surprising. Every year the US welcomes hundreds of thousands of migrants to its shores to add to its already booming economy and diverse society. A work permit could be your gateway to a whole new life in America.

US Work Permits

The US has several different visa categories for foreign nationals wishing to work there. It also operates a preference system for ranking workers seeking permanent immigration. To find out more about your eligibility, take Haskew's free assessment.

US Visa Types

Under the USA Visa Waiver Regulations many foreign nationals can enter the USA for up to 90 days without the need for a visa. Where the waiver does not apply there are a number of USA working visa categories covering foreign nationals, including:

Category G - For employees of international bodies who are entering the USA in pursuance of official duties.

Category I - For journalists and members of the media. Holders are not eligible for visa waiver or for the B1 business visa.

Category L1 - These intra-company transfer visas are for managerial or executive level employees of international companies on secondment to the USA.

USA Work Visas allocated by Preference: In issuing a working visa for US employment, the US ranks potential applicants into five preference categories:

- First Preference Category is for priority workers who are deemed to possess an extraordinary level of ability in their field. It could include world-class athletes and performers or internationally acclaimed professionals in science or education. These individuals can file an immigrant visa petition without the need for an offer of employment.

- Second Preference Category is those with exceptional ability in arts, science and business. In order to obtain a work permit for US employment in this category an applicant would require a specific job offer.

- Third Preference Category is broader, encompassing professionals with a baccalaureate degree, skilled and unskilled workers. To obtain a work visa for USA employment, applicants will need a specific offer of employment.

- Fourth Preference Category covers special immigrants, including religious workers.

- Fifth Preference Category is investor visas, which are targeted at applicants who want to create a commercial enterprise in the US that will generate employment.

US Visas

There are a number of alternative US visa options which still allow you to live and work in the country. These include family, business and investment options.

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