Emigrating to Join Relatives Living in Australia

Australia Relative visas to emigrate

Emigrating To Join Family In Australia

"Dedicated to finding ways for families to be together."

Thousands of people emigrate to Australia each year to take advantage of the world-class standard of living and to join loved ones. 

Australian Family Visas

We secure a range of popular visas to emigrate permanently based on your relatives living in Australia. Parent Visas, Spouse Visas, Remaining Relative Visas and Sponsored Visas for skilled workers.

If you are not eligible for one of the following visas an investor class visa may be an excellent alternative if you are committed to emigrating to Australia and have the required funds.

Family-based visas criteria in brief:

Parent Visas

Provides Permanent Residency on arrival.

  • At least 50% of children hold permanent residency in Australia
  • Financial contribution to the state of AUD 46,300 per parent
  • Sponsoring child to provide AUD 14,000 bond or $19,000 for two parents

Spouse or Partner Visa

Provides permanent residency on arrival or after 2-year probationary period

  • Must co-habiting for over 12 months
  • The relationship must be ongoing
  • Funds to support your family

Skilled worker with family sponsorship

Provides a 4-year temporary visa, leading to permanent residency.

  • Must be UNDER 45 year old
  • Have skills in demand within the state your family lives
  • Pass a skills assessment
  • Pass the skilled migration points test

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Alternatively, to read more explore our detailed pages on each visa class.

Australian Parent Visas

Australian Spouse Visas

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For people with family living in Australia
Australia Relative visas to emigrate

Name: Australian Relatives Visa Stream

Description: For those who have family living in Australia there are several visas that may allow you to join your loved ones permanently in Australia.

Our guides and services allow hundreds of family members to re-connect and take advantage of all the benefits Australia has to offer.

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