Western Australia and Perth are breath taking in both their scale and majesty.  There is nothing dull nor unattractive about this area of Australia.  It is a far distance from other states and cities but that is just how people in Western Australia like it or they would have moved the city closer.

Space is never the issue here with some of the largest homes in Australia.  The state was built and continues to grow from its fortunate access to minerals and both mining and drilling are cornerstones of the economy.

Mining and resources

The Western Australian economy is largely dominated by the mining and resources sector. Western Australia’s land is rich with resources (iron-ore, gold, natural gas and diamonds) that are mined, processed and exported all over
the world.​



The State produces several products for Australia and the international
export market:

  • wheat, barley and other grains;

  • wool, lamb and beef;

  • seafood (western rock lobsters, prawns, crabs, shark and tuna); and

  • wine.



The manufacturing of mined resources (engineering metals, shipbuilding, petrol and diesel) form a large proportion of this industry.
Food manufacturing and processing from the agricultural industry contribute strongly to the economy.


Tourism and education

These industries have grown significantly during the past few years with more international tourists visiting Western Australia and students choosing to study here. Towns with smaller populations have benefited from this increase, as the generated income increases the prosperity of the region.

We have selected a few of the key visas

At state level Western Australia is happy to invite people to emigrate with the correct qualifications, links to the state through family or potential employment.  It is also open for investment and will invite a capped number of people per year to open new business.  If you would like to emigrate to Western Australia contact us now for advice.


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