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Whether you want to live, work, study or conduct business in China it is important that you seek Chinese visa advice from an experienced immigration advisor. Haskew Law can assist you with your business or private immigration requirements.

Eligibility for a Visa to China

Applying for a Chinese visa is a necessary requirement for almost all foreign nationals who wish to visit or immigrate to China for any length of time. Visas for China are broadly separated into tourist visas and business visas, however, various options exist under both categories.

Business Visa for China

Applying for a business visa to China offers a single entry option, similar to that provided in tourist visa applications, but also affords multiple entry variants valid for 6 months, 1 year or 2 years.

However, eligibility for these permits is based upon prior visits to China; a first-time applicant will be permitted a maximum of a double-entry permit. A second-time applicant may receive a 6 months multiple entry permits, a third-time applicant can get a 1-year permit, and the 2-year permit is available only to 4th-time applicants and beyond.

In China, visas are given letter designations, with tourist visas being referred to as Chinese L visas and business visas as the Chinese F visa category. In addition to the types already covered Chinese immigration also issues the following types of permit.

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X Visa

This category is essentially a Chinese visa for study,issued to those who wish to train or study in China for a period of six months or more. A letter of acceptance must be provided from a Chinese educational institution.

Z Visa

The China Z Visa - also referred to as the China Work Visa - designed for those who want a visa to China for an extended period of time in order to undertake a position of employment. Spouse immigration and dependent immigration are also provided for the family of candidates relocating to China through this route. Applications must include a letter of invitation from the host company or Government department.

G Visas

In China,visa applications can be made for this category when a candidate will be entering Chinese territory for a very brief period en route to another destination. This category is effectively an airport transit visa. Candidates must be able to demonstrate valid entry clearance for their ultimate destination to get this Chinese visa.

C visa

This category is specifically designed for the crew members of international aviation,land transportation or navigation missions.

D visa

These are Chinese immigration permits,intended for permanent residency. Applied for within China,this extended grant of leave is given to those who intend to live and work in China on a long-term or permanent basis.

J Visa

These are issued to journalists and are split into two categories,the J1 and J2. The former is intended for long-term correspondents whereas the latter is for conducting reports in China for a short period.

Chinese Visa for Tourism

In China,immigration for the purpose of tourism is possible under two types of tourist or visit visas,for either single entry,or double entry. The maximum duration of a tourist visa for China is a period of three months. In all cases,candidates must travel to China within three months of being granted entry clearance. There is also a category of China Family Visa for short stays.

Chinese Visas

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