Emigrate To Norway

Let's look at the most popular routes to emigrate to Norway. Or complete our FREE assessment form to discover your eligibility.

Skilled Worker

Qualifying for a Norway work permit as a skilled worker requires that you have either: vocational training in a skilled occupation; university or college education; or another area of special expertise. You must also have a confirmed offer of employment from a Norwegian business. Your job will need to meet certain pay and skill requirements, so click on the free assessment to find out if you qualify to work in Norway.

Skilled Jobseeker

A work permit for Norway can also be obtained without an offer of employment. The skilled jobseeker Norway work permit allows you to live in Norway for six months in order to look for work. Once an applicant has found work in Norway they will be required to apply for a standard ‘skilled worker’ Norway work visa. The eligibility criteria for this category of visa is the same as the ‘skilled worker’ permit (excluding the confirmed offer of employment).

Self-employed work permit Norway

You can apply for a visa to live and work in Norway if you intend on starting your own business in the country. Eligibility depends on your funds and business expertise. Like the ‘skilled worker’ Norway work permit, you will be required to meet certain skill and education requirements.

Family-based Norway visa

You can obtain a Norway visa based on a family connection in the country. The fiancé of a Norwegian can obtain a visa for six months in order to marry. Parents or children of a Norwegian can obtain a visa that must be renewed every 12 months. Other types of family connection may also be eligible for a Norway visa in exceptional circumstances.

Benefits of study in Norway

Studying in Norway provides access to a world-class education system with a supportive structure offering loans to all students. A Norway student visa allows you to live and study in Norway for the duration of your course. After your studies have been completed, you will have the option of applying for residence as a skilled worker. A Norway student visa also acts as a work permit allowing you to work part-time during your semester and full-time during your break.

Different types of Study in Norway

The Norway student visa is most commonly granted for full-time studies at a Norwegian college or university. However, visas are also available in a number of different circumstances, including secondary school exchange students, students in international programs and Norwegian language students.

Student visa requirements

To qualify for a Norway student visa, you must have already been accepted by a Norwegian educational institution. Additional Norway student visa requirements include: you have the funds to support your stay, you have pre-arranged accommodation, and you agree to leave Norway once your permit has expired.

Permanent Residence Permit Norway

If you are interested in permanent immigration to Norway you have two main options to consider: a permanent residence permit in Norway or Norwegian citizenship. Below is a detailed summary of both modes of Norway immigration.

You can apply for a permanent residency permit in Norway if you have been living in Norway for a period of three years or longer. Norway immigration laws require that the three-year period is continuous, meaning you must be legally living in Norway the entire time. You may spend up to seven months outside of Norway over this three year period, although each absence can not be longer than three months.

In order to qualify for permanent residence, one of the key requirements under Norway immigration law is that you complete tuition in the Norwegian language and social studies. A range of supporting documentation is also required for permanent immigration to Norway. This includes Norway immigration documents proving you have been living legally in the country for the past three years, a list of travel in and out of the country in the last three years, and documentation proving you have studied the Norwegian language.

Norway immigration officials can remove a permanent residence permit for Norway if you live outside the country for two years or more.

Take the free assessment to find out if you have the correct documentation allowing you to apply for permanent immigration to Norway.

Citizenship Norway

You can apply for Norwegian citizenship if you have legally lived in the country for seven of the past 10 years. You may only apply for citizenship if you plan to continue living in Norway after citizenship has been granted. The fact that you are permanently immigrating to Norway means that (in most cases) you must renounce citizenship of your original country. The other key requirement for immigration in Norway is that you complete tuition in the Norwegian language. The eligibility period drops to seven years in some circumstances, such as marriage. Take the free assessment to find out if you are eligible to permanently immigrate to Norway.

Other types of work in Norway

There are many different ways to qualify for work in Norway. Aside from the above categories of Norway work visa, your options include:

  • The ‘Specialist’ visa for high-earners;
  • Visas for employees of international companies with offices in Norway;
  • A visa for self-funded researchers;
  • Seasonal worker visa (for unskilled workers); and
  • A range of cultural and exchange programs.
  • A visitor’s visa for Norway, valid for up to 90 days
  • A Norway visa for medical treatment
  • A Norwegian visa for performing artists
  • A Norway visa for exceptional circumstances, including for emergency purposes or on humanitarian grounds

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