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Let's explore New Zealand and the most popular visa options for people who want to secure a visa in the near future.

New Zealand is known as a cultural Mecca with an identity that belies it's relatively isolated South Pacific locality.

As well as the traditional Maori and European culture, many new traditions are borrowed from New Zealand's Pacific Island neighbours. The influence of South East Asia is also strongly present and can be seen through the spectacular array of restaurant cuisine on offer in New Zealand.

These are just a few of the reasons why a New Zealand visa is so sought after by those considering migration.

New Zealand is a country that loves its sport and people who are granted a New Zealand visa can expect to adopt the passionate sporting culture that is distinct.

Outdoor lifestylists and adventure sports enthusiasts will be in paradise in a country that can claim the invention of the modern 'bungee jump' and is host to one of the world's toughest eco-challenge events.

People seeking a New Zealand visa are often attracted to the relaxed 'Kiwi' way of life, making New Zealand one of the most popular destinations for both holidaymakers and people looking to migrate abroad.

New Zealand Skilled Migrant Visas

Skilled migrant visas offer people with the relevant qualifications and work experience the opportunity to immigrate to New Zealand to fill specific roles identified by the New Zealand government.

The New Zealand skilled migrant visa class operates on a points system and it may be necessary for the applicant to obtain a job offer from a New Zealand employer in order to be successful.


There are two ways that an applicant can be eligible for this type of New Zealand visa. The first is via a residence visa or permit and the second is via a work to residence visa or permit which will enable a successful applicant to establish themselves in skilled employment in New Zealand and gain residence.

Eligibility Criteria

Points will be allocated based on the criteria outlined below. If the required points level is achieved, applicants will be eligible to apply.


This New Zealand visa class is designed to attract people considering migration to New Zealand and who are willing to make a long-term contribution to New Zealand.

Consequently, more points are allocated for younger people, and people 56 years or older are not eligible to apply 

However, people over 56 years of age may be eligible for migration to New Zealand as an investor, or to establish a business, or as a key employee of a relocating business.


New Zealand skilled migrant visa applicants will be judged on their standard of qualification in comparison to New Zealand qualifications.

Additional points may be allocated for study undertaken in New Zealand as well as for study in a shortage area.


Employment is a critical part of any New Zealand skilled migrant visa application. Applicants will have a better chance of qualifying for this category if they have a relevant job offer from a New Zealand employer.

Skilled employment includes jobs ranging from professional positions to people working in trades. Please note that relevant qualifications or relevant work experience may also be required.

Work Experience

Points will be allocated to skilled migrant visa applicants who have a job offer in New Zealand or work experience that is relevant to their qualification.

The greater the amount of work experience the greater the weighting of points that will be allocated to an application.

Additional points may also be gained by having work experience in New Zealand.

Identified Future Growth Area, Identified Cluster, Area of Absolute Skills Shortage

Bonus points may be allocated to applicants who have either a job offer in New Zealand in one of these areas and/or work experience in one of these fields.


Points may be allocated for an applicant whose partner has either an offer of employment in New Zealand and/or a relevant qualification.


Additional points may be allocated to an applicant who has a New Zealand job offer outside of Auckland.


Applicants can also be awarded points for having a close family member who is a permanent resident or citizen of New Zealand.

Long-Term Business Visa

The New Zealand long-term business visa/permit is designed to help New Zealand visa applicants who are migrating to New Zealand and starting a business.

The New Zealand long-term business visa/permit is a temporary residence permit that can lead to the entrepreneur category which then entitles the applicant to permanent residency in New Zealand.


This permit allows the applicant to immigrate to New Zealand as a self-employed person for up to three years.

A New Zealand long-term business visa is a step to gaining residence in New Zealand through the entrepreneur category.

Eligibility Criteria

Business Plan

An application for starting a business in New Zealand under the New Zealand long-term business permit category must be accompanied by a business plan.

This business plan, along with supporting documents, must determine that:

  • The applicant has enough money to establish the proposed business in New Zealand and to support themselves and any family.
  • Applicant's financial forecasts are realistic.
  • The applicant has relevant business experience, including qualifications, existing businesses, shareholdings.
  • The applicant has not been involved with a business failure within the last five years.
  • The applicant has not been involved in business fraud or wrongdoing.
  • The applicant has obtained occupational registration in New Zealand, where this is required for the business.
  • The applicant has gained an understanding of the New Zealand market.

Employment/Business Experience

Applicants for business visas in New Zealand will be judged on a case-by-case basis.

Applicants who have not owned their own business or have not had experience in a senior management position that is responsible for all aspects of business operation are unlikely to be accepted under this category.

Investment Capital

While there is no set limit on capital required, business permit applications will be judged subjectively on a case-by-case basis where funds will need to be appropriate to the business.

Benefit to New Zealand

To be eligible under this category an applicant will need to show that the proposed business is benefiting New Zealand.

A business will be considered to be benefiting New Zealand if it promotes New Zealand's economic growth.

This might be through:

  • The introduction of new or enhanced existing technology, management or technical skills.
  • The introduction of new or enhanced products, services or export markets.
  • The creation of new - or expansion of existing - export markets.
  • The creation of new job opportunities.
  • Revitalising an existing business. The business must be trading at the time the applicant applies and must clearly have the potential to become profitable within 12 months.

Additional requirements

In addition to the minimum requirements above, basic standards of English, health and character need to be met in order to lodge a successful business visa application.

New Zealand Partner Visas

The New Zealand unmarried partner, fiancé and marriage visa is designed to allow immigration to New Zealand to join a spouse, fiancé or unmarried partner (same-sex relationships included). This visa is also referred to as a partnership visa.

Eligibility Criteria


Both partners under the New Zealand visa application must be 18 years of age or older or have parental/guardian/other consent if between 16 and 18 years of age.


For a New Zealand visa to be approved, a partner of a principal New Zealand unmarried partner, fiancé or marriage visa applicant have been legally married to the applicant, or in a close living relationship that is similar to marriage, for 12 months or more.

It may be a relationship between people of the opposite or the same sex. The applicants must have been living together for a minimum of 12 months in a genuine and stable relationship, whether married or not.

The minimum requirements for recognition of a partnership are that the applicants:

  • Are both 18 years of age or older (or have parental/guardian/other consent if between 16 and 18 years of age).
  • Have met each other prior to submitting an application.
  • Are not close relatives.

Additional Information

It may be possible to lodge an application for a partnership visa if the applicants have been living together for less than 12 months but can show they are in a genuine and stable relationship.

In addition to the minimum requirements outlined above, basic standards of health and character have to be met in order to lodge a successful application for an unmarried partner, fiancé and marriage visa for New Zealand.

New Zealand Investor Visas

The New Zealand investor visa is intended for business people who want to migrate to New Zealand and who have significant funds available to invest in the local economy.

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People seeking to obtain a New Zealand visa via the investor visa category must have genuine intentions to remain permanently in New Zealand.


Successful New Zealand investor visa applicants are granted permanent residence in New Zealand.

Eligibility Criteria


New Zealand investor visa applicants must be aged 54 or under when applying for residence in New Zealand under the investor visa category.

Employment/Business Experience

People wanting to migrate to New Zealand under the New Zealand investor visa must be able to show five years of business experience.

This is defined as having either at least a 25 percent ownership share in a business or management experience.

For the purposes of this visa, management experience means having an influence on the strategy, structure or organisation of the business.

Investment Capital

To be eligible for New Zealand residence under this category, applicants need to give NZ$2 million in advance to the New Zealand government for a period of five years.

Intention to Settle

People wanting to emigrate to New Zealand under the investor visa category must be able to demonstrate that they intend, and have the ability, to successfully settle in New Zealand and contribute to New Zealand's economy.

Additional Requirements

In addition to the criteria above, New Zealand investor visa applicants must have basic standards of English as well as good health and character traits.

Emigrate to New Zealand
Emigrate to New Zealand

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