Permanent Residency For South Africa

What’s the First Step?

To start your Permanent Residency application, you will need to write to the Minister of Home Affairs to explain why you are not a prohibited or an undesirable person. You will need to provide evidence to support this claim, and it’s essential that this step is completed correctly to be allowed to continue with your application.

Prohibited persons are those who have issues that prevent them from being allowed to enter South Africa under normal circumstances. Factors that may lead to being infected with a contagious disease, having a warrant for your arrest, having a conviction for a serious offence, being a member of an organization practising racial hatred or social violence, you are a member of a terrorist organization, or you have previously been deported and haven’t been rehabilitated.

Undesirable persons are also prevented from becoming Permanent Residents of South Africa. To be deemed undesirable, you must be likely to become a public charge, be judicially declared incompetent, be an unrehabilitated insolvent, be a fugitive from justice, or have a previous criminal conviction without the option of a fine.

You may only continue with your application if you have been cleared by the Minister of Home Affairs.

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What are the Different Types of Residency Permit?

There are 2 main types of Residency Permit for South Africa – Direct Residence Permits, and Residency-on-other-Grounds Permits.

Direct Residence Permits are for people who have been living in South Africa on their Work Permits for at least 5 years.

Residency-on-other-Grounds Permits apply to a wider range of situations. This is a valid pathway for people who:

  • Have a permanent work offer in South Africa
  • Have exceptional skills and qualifications
  • Want to start a business in South Africa
  • Qualify as refugees
  • Qualify as retired persons
  • Are financially independent
  • Are relatives of a South African citizen or permanent resident

Haskew Law’s experts can help with any of these applications, and work with you to provide solid evidence of your suitability as a South African Permanent Resident. All of the documents that you submit as part of your application need to be used in the appropriate area and provided within the recognised format. We support you throughout the process to ensure that your application is correct and complete upon submission.

What Do I Need to Submit with my Application?

Documentary evidence is essential in every Permanent Residency application. Supporting your claims with proof is the only way that Immigration Authorities can test your claims and ensure that your case is genuine. As part of any Permanent Residency application, you will need to submit your fingerprints, police clearance certificates, and a valid Temporary Residency Permit. Other documents depend on which kind of Permanent Residency application you’re making, and what claims you have made within your case. Your consultant will talk through each aspect of your case and ensure that you have fully supported each aspect of your case with the correct documents.

Permanent Residency in South Africa
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Name: South African PR Visas

Description: Several South African visas lead to PR after a probationary period. They are usually straightforward to secure as long as you can evidence your compliance with terms of your original visa in keeping with the current policy and legislation. On occasion theses visas can hit problems so do not take PR for granted in South Africa until it is approved. Then you can look forward to a lifetime in South Africa.

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