The Best South African Relative Visas

What are the Benefits of a Relatives Visa?

Much like a South African Spouse Visa or Life Partner Visa, visas for relatives allow successful applicants to immigrate based entirely upon their family connections.

Unlike South African Business Visas, which require candidates to invest in the country and South African work permits which require a job offer to be in place, successful applicants immigrating to South Africa through Relative Visas only need to have a relationship with someone in South Africa that meets the parameters put in place by the visa.

Applicants entering the country through this immigration service are not permitted to work in the country when their temporary residence permit is granted. However, in some circumstances where an applicant is successful in applying for a permanent residence permit, he or she would be permitted to work.

Who is Eligible?

In South Africa, immigration for family members can be applied for as either a temporary or a permanent permit. Like South Africa Retirement Permits, both temporary and permanent routes are available with slightly different requirements.

Applying for a South Africa visa under this route as a temporary solution is open to people within a second degree of kinship. In these circumstances, the permit would be granted for a period of 2 years and applications would rest on a sponsor being either a South African permanent resident or has a grant of South African citizenship.

The sponsor would be required to sponsor the applicant and provide evidence that they earn or have a minimum of R8,5000 per month to support the applicant.

In cases involving a permanent application, the applicant must be within the first degree of kinship with the sponsor. Once again, the sponsor in these circumstances would need to be able to demonstrate the ability and intention to financially support the applicant.

In South Africa, visas for permanent residency, on the whole, take significantly longer to obtain than temporary residence permits. This is true of South African Relative Visas, which can take more than 2 years to process. As a result, a common practice is to enter the country through a grant of temporary residency whilst also applying for permanent resident status in South Africa, while allowing an applicant to enter the country more quickly whilst the long-term visa is processed.

South africa passport stamp visa

Working in South Africa

This visa does not allow successful applicants to work in South Africa, start a business, or undertake a course of study. However, in cases where applicants wish to apply for permanent residency, successful candidates are permitted to work in the same way as all permanent residents. This is why it is important that you meet the financial requirements for this visa, as there are no provisions to support yourself in other ways.

Spouse immigration and dependent immigration

Applicants migrating to South Africa via this immigration visa service may not bring their partner, spouse or dependents with them on the application.

For immediate family members of the applicant to join them in South Africa it would be necessary for them to apply and qualify in their own right.

Submitting the application

• First-time applicants must submit their applications in their country of residence. You will not be able to submit your application while in South Africa on a visitor’s visa
• Renewals of existing South African Relatives Permits extension can be logged in South Africa – be sure to do this long before the visa expire.

Processing Time in South Africa: 30-40 days
Processing Time if lodged abroad: 30 days

Government Fee in South Africa: R425
New Submission Centre Fee ( in SA ): R1350
Government Fee abroad: Dependent on Currency

South African Relative Visas

Name: Emigrate to South Africa for Relatives

Description: Relative visas for South Africa allow family members to emigrate to RSA to be closer to their loved ones. These are excellent visas for those with family in South Africa and want to enjoy the lifestyle and culture of such a vibrant country.

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