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Let us explore the possible options for immigration to the UAE. From business and student visas to family Visas.

Different categories of Dubai work visas

Dubai work visas usually require an application from a prospective employer. The employee will also need to meet the eligibility criteria and provide a range of documents in support of the application. Global Visas is able to lead this entire process – from the initial employment application to the individual’s visa approval.

Dubai work permit

The main category of Dubai work visa is referred to as the “Residence permit for employment issued for an employee”. It permits an employee planning to work in Dubai in a private sector role to remain for up to three years. To qualify for this category of Dubai work permit, applicants must provide a range of evidence in support of their application. This includes medical proof that you are engaging in work in UAE, medical certificates, and other business-related information. Take the free assessment to find out exactly how to qualify.

Dubai work permit (public sector)

This category of work visa for Dubai is designed specifically for public sector employees. Like the standard category of Dubai work visas, it lasts a maximum of three years. However, the supporting documents required for an application differ greatly. Generally, this category of Dubai work visa is easier to obtain. To find out which visa is best for you, simply take the free assessment.

Short-term Dubai work visas

Dubai also offers short-term visas which will allow you to work in UAE. The shorter Dubai work permit can range in duration, however, it still grants you the same rights to live and work in Dubai. This may be your best option if you are a business visitor or an employee on a short-term contract. To find out the ideal visa for your requirements just take the free assessment and allow the experts at Global Visas to do the rest.

Dubai Investor Visa

This category of Dubai business visa is designed to grant residence to anyone making a significant investment in the UAE economy. It grants a maximum of three years in the country. To find out if you can qualify for a UAE investor visa just take the free assessment.

Business Partner visa Dubai

Similar to the Dubai Investor Visa, the “Partner” business visa for UAE grants residence based on your business practices. The difference is that this visa requires the applicant to have a certain value of shares in a company. Security deposit payments are also required.

Multiple-entry business visas for UAE

If you have business operations or a business relationship with a UAE company, you may be eligible for multiple entry visas. This allows you to go in and out of Dubai as many times as you like. Applying will require proof of your business activities.

Other types of business visa for Dubai

There is a range of different categories of Dubai business visa, each catering to specific individual needs. The Mission Visa, for example, is available for businessmen and professionals for short-term business trips to Dubai and requires sponsorship from a UAE company. Take the free assessment to find out which business visa for UAE is best for your needs.

Family-Sponsored Dubai student visa

Students attending an educational institution may be permitted to make their UAE visa application based on the sponsorship of their parents. This option is available to full-time students. Sons must be under the age of 18, while unmarried daughters can be of any age. Take the free assessment to find out if you meet the specific requirements of the Dubai student visa.

Educator-sponsored Dubai study visa

Full-time students can be sponsored by their educational institution if the institution is eligible. This allows them to obtain a Dubai study visa for the duration of their course.

Short-stay Dubai student visa

If you are studying for a shorter period of time you have the option of applying for a short-term Dubai student visa. This grants a stay of 60 days, although this can be renewed as needed. Take the free assessment to find out what it takes to apply.

Dubai Spouse Visa / Child Visa

The standard Dubai family visa for a spouse and children are referred to as “Residence permits for expatriate families in UAE”. A spouse or children may be granted up to three years of residence under this type of spouse visa for Dubai. Proof of the sponsor’s residence is among the key documents needed to support any application. To find out how you and your family can apply take the free assessment.

Family Visa Dubai

This category of UAE family visa is designed for parents and second-degree relatives. It allows a resident to sponsor family members to live in the UAE for a maximum of one year. A range of supporting documentation is required, including the sponsor’s residence permit. A security deposit payment must also be paid as part of the family visa UAE application process. The free assessment can help you determine if you and your family are eligible.

Business / Investors Dubai Family Visa

There are two separate categories of UAE family visa specifically designed for the families of people in the country for business or investment purposes. The provisions of these visas are the same as the above categories, although the supporting documentation required differs greatly.

Short-term family visa UAE

There is a range of short-term UAE family visa options for family members of Dubai residents. These can last up to 90 days, and require the sponsorship of the family member. A deposit will also need to be paid and will be refunded upon the visitor’s departure.

Dubai Visas

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